Great Resources about our Faith

For our young adults

Busted Halo® Ministries seeks ways to connect young adults to the tradition of the Catholic faith through modern methods.  Their website contains many valuable resources and the the Busted Halo® YouTube channel contains many informative and entertaining videos that appeal to our young people.

For our Families

Holy Heroes has great weekly resources for kids which include a mini quiz on the Gospel that parents can use to start a conversation on the week’s reading, coloring pages on the Gospel for younger children, and a short video acting out the Gospel. This is really cute and uses children acting, Legos with a voiceover, etc.

At Home with Our Faith has some wonderful resources for Catholic families. You can sign up for a free monthly email and read articles about a wide range of topics. If you have ever struggled with bringing kids to Mass and wondered if it is worth the effort, take a look at some of the articles written about that. has articles, Sunday resources for each week, ideas for books your children might like, and even recipes for meatless Fridays. There are some very interesting blogs written by Catholic moms and most of these are quite humorous, because we know that we need to keep smiling in order to survive some days!

You might enjoy Jen Fulwilers’s Conversion Diary, Amelia Nugent Bentrup’s One Catholic Mama, Simcha Fisher’s I Have to Sit Down, or Cam Wollner’s A Woman’s Place Depends on Her Vocation.